How to build great business ideas effectively 

A Proven Step-by-Step System Framework for Venture Builders.


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The N.LiFe Planner System®
to make your business idea work.

Learn from Livio Ferraro, 2 startups founder, 10+ years in strategic consultancy, helped build 20+ new ventures, Professor in Entrepreneurship & IESE PMD.

  • This is strictly for builders only: aspiring entrepreneurs, startup founders, intrapreneurs.
  • Gain strategic tools every aspiring entrepreneur should work on.
  • This is not a “magic pill”. Miracles don’t happen but concrete knowledge, hard work, and the right focus will move you forward.

Are you really confident in designing your product-market fit?

Get the right knowledge and skills to design your business according to the customer’s biggest problems, the market opportunities, the uncovered customer needs, the competitor’s landscape.

How to increase the chances of success

Work on what is strategically important for your venture and get the right information to define the best strategy to compete in the market. This will absolutely increase the chances of being a successful entrepreneur in the long run.

Why do so many venture builders fail in business?

  • Not working on getting an entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Not applying the right rationals in the business design process
  • Not defining an effective business strategy
  • Not transforming idea into a powerful action plan


The World’s First Planner with a groundbreaking system combining MindsetBusiness Strategy and Action Planning to help business builders to take vision into action.


You will develop an entrepreneurial mindset, get concrete knowledge, apply real tactics, gain clarity, and most importantly: build a better venture, faster!


You will learn how to …

  • level up your Mindest
  • analyze your market properly
  • achieve product-market Fit
  • define a blue ocean
  • quickly develop an MVO
  • position your product in the market
  • set-up your supply chain
  • test your business model
  • achieve customer validation
  • staff your venture
  • make financial forecasts
  • create a business plan
  • …and much, much more (yes, it is really huge!)

Strategic tools from leading startups incubators

You can download and use several tools will help you to have a clear view on every aspect of your business strategy, both operationally and financially.


The milestones you’ll be hitting

The N.LiFe Planner System®


The NLiFe Planner System®

consists of
6 Stages and 25 sub-stages.

Stage 1 – Entrepreneurial Mindset

All of the best entrepreneurs dedicate daily hours to master their mind. Do you know why? Because in the world of entrepreneurship and business, it’s more about mastering your brain, not mastering the tactics of business. This part will change your life.

What will you learn?
How to change your brain with the daily mindset practices from the greatest entrepreneurs today. How to install a new powerful mindset so that it helps you not sabotages you.

Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.

Mary Kay Ash

Founder Mary Kay Cosmetics

Stage 2Idea Creation

Every new business starts with a perception of an opportunity. What problem is your business going to solve? Have you identified a specific group of customers? In this stage of the process you will create the business idea so that it responds to a specific problem in a specific market niche.

What will you learn?
How to identify a specific problem and a solutions. What is a niche and how to respond to a specific need of a specific group of people.

Stage 3Solid Foundation

All successful entrepreneurs are able to design and reshape the solid foundations of their business addressing the customer’s biggest problems, the market opportunities, the uncovered customer’s needs, and the competitor’s landscape.

What will you learn?
Think of your business like a house. In this stage you will clearly define the solid foundations of your business and the unique value proposition to build long term market value.

Stage 4From Idea to Biz Proposition

Once business idea is defined, it is time to understand how to fare in the industry environment. There is a system of resources and players surrounding the market with which you need to interact to delivery your product to the market.

What will you learn?
How to transform your product or service from conception to the final product delivered to the end customers.

Stage 5 – Diagnosis resources

Every new business requires resources to ensure that the business can sustain itself especially in the start-up phase. So what are the resources needed? People and money. You need to make sure you have the right team in term of skills and experience to carry on the business and you need to make proper financial forecasts in order to understand if the business is profitable or not. This is a huge and very helpful stage!

What will you learn?
How to on-board the team and required skills. How to make financial forecasts easily thanks to the financial forecast worksheet.

Stage 6 – Alchemy Planning 

All successful entrepreneurs are able to manage their time properly as an invaluable skill. They are totally focused on value things as they launch, execute and grow their business. Normal people work all day, feeling busy, always in motion and at the end they are exhausted and know what? They aren’t getting anywhere. Thanks to the Alchemy Planning System you start planning your life in a more disciplined way. Alchemy planning is not about getting more things done, but how to get the rights things done.

What will you learn?
How to stay focused on your business project, filter all your TO-DO options and select those are truly essential according the big picture of what you really want to go big-on.

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing

Walt Disney



Right now we’re living in the golden age of entrepreneurship where the rules of the game have changed. There has never been a better time in history to became a go getter in entrepreneurship both for boosting your career and for building a business.


My mission is to spread entrepreneurship helping millions of professionals around the world to get or apply knowledge for having big impact and do not living other people’s Life. 


Schedule a Strategy Session with me

Livio Ferraro, 36yrs old.

  • ~15 years of experience in strategic
    consultancy firms.
  • 4 years as head of channel strategy corporate
    at Vodafone Italy.
  • International work practices in United States,
    Russia, Hungary, France and Belgium.
  • Helped build ~10 companies.


  • Entrepreneur, founder of 2 startups.
  • Executive management consultant.
  • Visiting Professor in Entrepreneurship at IPE Business School in Naples (Italy) –
  • Honorary Fellow in Entrepreneurship at Unisob University in Naples (Italy)



Live Q&A Calls

Attend Q&A calls, ask questions and get all of your answers directly by Livio Ferraro.


The N.LiFe Community

Join our active community of customers who are all on the same path, ask questions, join in! You’ll learn more about venture building, connect with like-minded individuals, and expand your network.


Help Center

Got any questions about the system or a specific step? Simply send your question by email to the help center and we’ll provide you with a detailed answer. That way you’ll have no remaining questions.


Successful entrepreneurs agree that the N.LiFe Planner is a critical resource.

The N.Life Planner is a powerful tool for creating and maintaining a successful business. It keeps you focused on your goals and the ‘focus map’ makes sure you’re held accountable for them. The planner gives you the responsibility for your own destiny. It helps you to make the right decisions for your business and plan for future successes whilst considering your target marketing. It’s an inspiring look at entrepreneurship, giving great advice, tips and journey plans to help keep you on track to your success.

Ferdinando Rizzo

Co-founder, Interprocom LTD, Shenzhen – China

“The most difficult thing about becoming an entrepreneur is getting the right mindset in place. The N.Life Planner doesn’t just look at your facts and figures, but it helps you to visualize your end goal and plan the steps to achieve it. There are sections on mindfulness and affirmations to make sure that you’re always thinking of the best ways to make your business better. Think about success, plan for it and you’ll achieve it!”

Mario Stammelluti

Founder, EDM Informatica

The N.LiFe Planner is perfect for any entrepreneur, whether it’s your first ever start-up business, or if you’ve already set up an empire. It takes you through how to test your ideas to make sure that your plan will be successful. It’s got firsthand tips from the creator, who has a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship, so the advice and knowledge within the planner has been tried and tested already.

Gianmaria Morra

Founder, GMM Morra

One of the most important things about a start-up business, is creating a foolproof business plan. The N.LiFe Planner allows you to create your business plan in its basic form and build it up to something meaningful and effective. You can follow the plan through using the handy business guide templates to ensure you’re using your time and money wisely and taking another step in the right direction every day. There’s an easy step-by-step guide through your financials to make sure you’re making money where you should be and it cuts out all of the unnecessary jargon to keep you on track towards your life goals.

Gianpiero Miele

Founder, Miele Trasporti


A simple and scientific system to build great business ideas effectively.

  • Learn the basic elements allowing the best entrepreneurs on the earth to succeed.
  • Get the strategic tools from leading startups incubators.
  • Follow the 6 main Stages of the N.LiFe Planner System.
  • Work on all those dimensions making you a go getter in entrepreneurship.
  • Design your business plan easily. Fast.
  • Apply the business strategy tactics to move to an effective entrepreneur in 4 months.
  • Start using the action planning system to filter all your TO-DO options and select those are truly essential.

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